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Project Description
Atrax supports XML queries for structured content extracted from the Internet's unstructured data in an extensible, distributed, highly scalable framework. Think of Atrax as the database query engine for the Internet. Atrax can support any number of custom query handlers. It can run on one server or many servers across firewalls. It employs a simple asynchronous request/response architecture. The client submits a query via HTTP GET or POST or a SOAP call. The master server assigned by the dispatcher to respond, POSTs the result to a URL included in the orginal request. Any web application can make requests and receive responses regardless of platform or language.

Initial Beta Release
I've published this initial beta because I want as many people to have access to this project as possible and to recruit team members. Please give it a look and let me know if you're interested in helping. Thanks, -Tyler

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